Area Code 206 comprises many different cities, including Mercer Island, Bainbridge Island, Des Moines, and Vashon Island. But by far the largest city is Seattle, located in the King County of Washington State. It is the largest city in the state of Washington and in the Pacific Northwest, with a population of approximately 600,000 people.

There are a variety of law firms and lawyers in the 206 area code, handling all types of cases, including bankruptcies, DUI defense, divorce, child custody disputes, and immigration matters. If you ever find yourself in need of an attorney in the 206 area code, there are plenty of lawyers to select from, each with varying levels of experience. Family Lawyers make up the largest percentage of practicing attorneys in the greater Puget Sound area, however wrongful termination attorneys have seen a huge uptick in inquiries with the ongoing labor disputes at Boeing Aircraft.

206 Culture

The largest city in the 206 area code, Seattle is often considered a series of neighborhoods. However, the boundaries between these neighborhoods are often hard to discern and is unofficial. Some examples of neighborhoods in the 206 area code of Seattle include the Ballard, Lake City, and Northgate. There are a wide variety of lawyer throughout these neighborhoods.

Seattle is synonymous with great coffee. The large coffee companies of Starbucks and Tully's were both founded in the 206 area code. It is also known for having a rainy climate. Winters are damp and summers are dry, with the climate being generally mild all year round.

206 Landmarks

One of the most famous attractions and landmarks in the 206 area code is the Space Needle. The Space Needle has been featured in many films and movies, including Frasier, Grey's Anatomy, Sleepless in Seattle, and Twilight.

Another famous attraction in the 206 area code is Seattle's Pike Place Market. This is the place where Starbucks coffee company was first founded in 1971. Today, it remains a major tourist draw.

206 Music

The 206 area code is the hometown of many, notable grunge music artists. This list of bands includes Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Alice in Chains. Thus, Seattle is really considered the homeplace of grunge music, and with it, the development of an entertainment industry comprised of marketing personnel and lawyers.

Outdoor Activities in the 206 Area Code

Because the 206's prime location in the beautiful, scenic and natural Pacific Northwest, lots of outdoor activities occur here. Seattle's mild and temperate climate definitely helps as well. Many people, including lawyers winding down after a long work day or taking a break, like to walk around the Green Lake. This is also a popular, yet beautiful, place for running as well.

Other popular outdoor activities include:

As you can see, there are a wide range of outdoor activities available in the 206 area code: everything from cold to hot weather activities, to water and land activities.

Nearby, the Cascades and Olympic Mountains provide even more hiking and skiing opportunities. Pudget Sound also affords opportunities for kayaking and sailing. In fact, Seattle has been named as the fittest city in the country by Fitness magazine. It's no wonder why so many lawyers and law firms call the 206 area code home.

Demographics of the 206 Area Code

There are 909,370 residents in the 206 area code, 655,934 of which are white and 109,624 are asian. The average income is $44,588.43, and the median age is 36 years old. The 206 population is equally split between men and women. All these disparate elements of the 206 area code make it an ideal destination for a successful lawyer to consider relocating their practice to.

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