Mercer Island

Another city in the 206 area Code, Mercer Island is located in King County, Washington and within the metropolitan area of Seattle. The city is actually located in Lake Washington. The approximate population of the city is around 22,000 people. Out of these people, there are about 6,000 families and 8,500 households. The population density of Mercer Island is about 3,452 per square mile. Racially, about 84% of the city is white, 1% African American, and 12% Asian. A significant number of these people are lawyers as well.

The median income for a household in the 206 area code city of Mercer Island is quite substantial: $150,000 dollars a year. For a family, that number rises to $190,800 a year. Only about 0.2% of the population lives below the poverty line. Maybe that's why they don't have many bankruptcy lawyers here.

In terms of average home price, Mercer Island's is at around a little more than one million dollars. This makes Mercer Island #215 in a list of the most expensive cities in America.

Mercer Island has many beautiful parks, including the Luther Burbank Park. This 206 area code park is about 77 acres in size, and about 0.75 miles of it are on the waterfront. Activities available among this park include swimming, fishing, boating, sports, and picnicing.

Annual events in Mercer Island are popular as well. Every summer the Blue Angels make a performance in the 206 area code during the Seafair celebration. They also have another summer celebration on the weekend after 4th of July, ending with fireworks. How patriotic! And a great place for lawyers to socialize and network as well.